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Epic Vegan Eats is a place for delicious vegan food for all eaters!

from seasonal desserts to everyday weeknight dinners and meal prep-friendly snacks, our work is dedicated to bringing more plants to your table year-round.

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hi and welcome!

We’re the team behind this little project, and we love sharing good vegan food with everyone. Growing up as non-vegans, we set out to recreate our favorite recipes in an animal-free version.

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Get to know us

fun facts

favorite drink
We’re total coffee addicts and have tried cappuccino with any plant-based milk imaginable.
Favorite foods
Peanut butter, sweet potato, chickpeas, pasta, strawberries, and coconut.
introvert or extrovert?
We’re mostly introverts who love to connect with like-minded people online.
Secret superpowers
Making vegan food appealing to non-vegans, always picking the slowest checkout lane.
Can’t live without
No matter the time of day, we always listen to good music or our favorite podcasts!
Biggest pet peeves
eating noises, irrational arguments, slow internet, and littering.
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