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10+ Raw Food Breakfast Ideas

Try these fresh and filling raw food breakfast recipes including smoothies, muesli, pudding, cereal and more! Perfect for a lighter start into the day or hot summer months.

Move over, cooked oatmeal — here are some delicious raw vegan breakfast ideas that don’t require only cooking or heating!

Many are suitable for meal prep or come together in under 5 minutes in the morning.

Perfect for those who want to eat more fresh produce or nuts! Find more summer recipes and refreshing drinks on our website.

Kiwi Chia Pudding

breakfast chia pudding with kiwi and blueberriesPin

These customizable raw chia puddings can be made with any seasonal fruit and are perfect for a quick breakfast in the morning! Only a couple of minutes of prep time and really filling. (via Epic Vegan Eats)

Simple Green Smoothie

Super Green SmoothiePin

Green smoothies are such a classic raw food breakfast! Perfect for using up any fresh produce, they come together so quickly and can feature anything from kale or spinach to arugula, broccoli, apple, banana or avocado. (via Epic Vegan Eats)

Quick Raw Muesli

five minute raw muesliPin

Try this satisfying raw muesli made from coconut, almonds, cashews, cacao nibs and dried fruit! It requires minutes to make and stores well for up to 3 weeks. (via The Raw Chef)

Colorful Fruit Salad

Colorful Vegan Fruit Salad in a BowlPin

Combine your favorite fresh fruit in the morning for a quick raw food breakfast! Top with crunchy nuts and seeds for more nutrients and substance. (via Epic Vegan Eats

Raw Energy Bites

raw vegan bars on a tablePin

If you’re into meal prep, make these chewy and delicious raw energy bars for a quick grand-and-go breakfast! Choose from a variety of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and tasty add-ins. (via Epic Vegan Eats)

Raw Vegan Granola

Raw Vegan GranolaPin

Go for something more substantial in the morning and make this raw granola with a mix of nuts and seeds. It’s sweetened with dates, not baked and can be customized with your favorite flavors! (via Sweet Vegan Sara)

Raw Collard Wraps

Raw Vegan Collard WrapsPin

Do you prefer savory breakfasts? These wonderfully textured raw collard wraps come together in only 15 minutes, work well for meal prep and are so filling thanks to the pecan “meat.” (via Avocado Pesto)

Fruit Cereal

Healthy Fruit CerealPin

Make juicy fruit the star of your cereal in the morning with this easy recipe! Fill your bowl with mixed berries and banana, top with crunchy nuts and seeds, then drown in homemade vegan milk. (via The Conscientious Eater)

Colorful Smoothie Bowl

colorful smoothie bowlPin

This thick and creamy smoothie bowl is mainly made from frozen bananas, berries and non-dairy milk. Top with delicious goodness like raw granola, coconut flakes, nuts or more fruit! (via Simple Veganista)

Raw Banana Bread

raw banana breadPin

Make this highly satisfying raw banana bread if you own a dehydrator! No added sugar or oil is needed for this scrumptious breakfast idea. (via Sprouting Zen)

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

Raw Blueberry Muffin SmoothiePin

Ready for a quick raw breakfast that tastes just like blueberry muffins? This banana-free smoothie requires only 6 kitchen staples to make and is a must-try. (via Wallflower Kitchen)

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10+ Raw Food Breakfast Ideas

Total Time 5 minutes
Try these fresh and filling raw food breakfast recipes including smoothies, muesli, pudding, cereal and more! Perfect for a lighter start into the day or hot summer months. Rate our list in the comments!
Serves 2


  • Kiwi Chia Pudding
  • Simple Green Smoothie
  • Quick Raw Muesli
  • Colorful Fruit Salad
  • Raw Energy Bites
  • Raw Vegan Granola
  • Raw Collard Wraps
  • Fruit Cereal
  • Colorful Smoothie Bowl
  • Raw Banana Bread
  • Blueberry Muffin Smoothie


  • Try several recipes from the ones we’ve listed to find your next go-go raw breakfast ideas!
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
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