10+ Refreshing Vegan Summer Drinks

by Epic Vegan Eats

Stay hydrated with these refreshing vegan summer drinks! From creamy smoothies to boozy cocktails and kid-friendly beverages, you’ll love these recipes.

Whether you’re looking for classic cocktails or refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for the whole family, our list of vegan summer drinks offers something for everyone!

Bring out the vodka, fresh fruit, dairy-free milk, ice cubes and a mixer — let’s make mocktails, infused water, smoothies and everything in between.

Enjoy this season and find more summer desserts and summer recipes here.

Tropical Arugula Smoothie

Arugula Smoothie

Bursting with tropical flavors, this arugula smoothie recipe is our go-to refreshing summer drink for busing mornings! Works for a cooling snack, too. (via Epic Vegan Eats)

Strawberry Mimosas

Orange Strawberry Mimosas

You’ll love this fresh strawberry mimosa with orange juice and champagne! Serve for brunch or your next garden party. (via Mindful Avocado)

Peach Blueberry Mocktails

peach blueberry sangria mocktails

Packed with seasonal summer fruit, these peach blueberry sangria mocktails are a refreshing and non-alcoholic drink for all ages to enjoy. (via Emilie Eats)

Mango Chocolate Smoothie

Mango Chocolate Smoothie

This creamy vegan chocolate mango smoothie combines two deliciously sweet and refreshing layers in one glass and makes for a fun and tasty treat! (via Nutriciously)

Rose Lemon Strawberry Water

Rose Strawberry Infused Water

Ready for a really special vegan summer drink? This flavorful and beautifully colored infused water is made with lemon, strawberry and rose petals! Try it for a special occasion. (via Wallflower Kitchen)

Watermelon Margaritas

watermelon margaritas

If you’re in need of the perfect summer cocktail for celebrating, make these refreshing watermelon margaritas with fresh fruit, lime juice, tequila and jalapeños for a bit of spice. (via Simply Quinoa)

Cucumber Vodka Soda

cucumber soda

Just like drinking salad yet a bit boozier, this refreshing summer cocktail is so tasty! With fresh cucumber, lime juice, seltzer water and syrup, it’s a must-try drink. (via How Sweet Eats)

Easy Piña Colada

Pina Colada

This thick and creamy piña colada will make you feel like you’re right by the beach! Try this homemade blended cocktail full of tropical flavors. (via Nyssa’s Kitchen)

Fruit Infused Water

fruit-infused water

Keep it super healthy with this refreshing fruit-infused water all summer long! It’s easy to make with only 4 ingredients in 5 minutes. (via Simple Vegan Blog)

Strawberry Lemonade Slushie

strawberry lemonade slushie

This refreshing homemade drink requires only 4 ingredients to make and is naturally sweetened. You’ll love the combination of strawberries, lemon, mint and maple syrup! (via Vegan Richa)

Jalapeno Mango Margaritas

spicy jalapeno mango margaritas

Do you love spicy summer drinks? Make these mango jalapeno margaritas in your blender and impress your guests! (via Emilie Eats)

Fresh Peach Mojitos

peach mojito

Try this healthy spin on traditional mojitos with this recipe featuring fresh fruit, lime juice, peaches and maple syrup! Pour over ice and enjoy. (via Simply Quinoa)

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Vegan Summer Drinks

10+ Refreshing Vegan Summer Drinks

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Stay hydrated with these refreshing vegan summer drinks! From creamy smoothies to boozy cocktails and kid-friendly beverages, you’ll love these recipes. Rate our list in the comments!
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Serves 2


  • Tropical Arugula Smoothie
  • Strawberry Mimosas
  • Peach Blueberry Mocktails
  • Mango Chocolate Smoothie
  • Rose Lemon Strawberry Water
  • Watermelon Margaritas
  • Cucumber Vodka Soda
  • Easy Piña Colada
  • Fruit Infused Water
  • Strawberry Lemonade Slushie
  • Jalapeno Mango Margaritas
  • Fresh Peach Mojitos


  • Choose from the recipes above and make them all summer long!
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Calories: 82 kcal

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